The Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse is a clean facility offering a space for everyone to meet. Inside you will find a view of the various ranges on video surveillance as well as signup sheets for the Skeet, 5 Stand and Sporting Clays.

The washroom is well kept and is located in the front left corner as you come in.


Sporting clays is the closest you can get to actual hunting of upland birds and rabbits. 12 stations will take you around our well-maintained, forested acreage. Take part in trapping and shooting mini, battue, rabbit and standard clay targets.

This shooting discipline is always open to new shooters who want to get more out of shooting moving targets. 

Outdoor 25, 50 & 100 yard rifle/handgun

Our outdoor shooting range is a great place to spend time outside while honing in your targeting skills. 25 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard targets. The 25 yard range also has a set of gongs ready to be knocked down.

Indoor Range

Our well lit 25 Yard Indoor range is setup for all Handguns as well as Rim Fire Rifles – Pistol Caliber ammunition only, and no center fire rifles are permitted. Heated throughout the winter and air conditioned in the summer, this range offers 11 shooting lanes and powered target deployment.

Outdoor Rimfire Benchrest

This shooting discipline is available for all Orillia Gun Club Members. 

We currently have a benchrest league, strictly for enthusiasts of the .22 long rifle cartridge. This is an inhouse league for the enjoyment of OGC members and the number of matches is determined by the number of participants.

5 Stand (shotgun)

5-Stand consists of a covered shooting area with 5 stations to shoot from. 8 trap machines throw targets including a “rabbit” target that bounces along the ground. The trap machines are located at various positions relative to the shooter to allow for many interesting target angles. Participants shoot in turn at each of the 5 “stands” or stations. Various combinations of targets are thrown from the traps. A round consists of 25 targets (5 targets from each station).

Outdoor 200 yard rifle

Our 200-yard multi shooting lane range is for centre fire rifles only. Shotguns are permitted but only using slugs (no pelleted ammo). This range has target stands at 200 yards.

Action Range

Our Action Range features various reactive metal and plastic targets. This range is used for Cowboy, IPSC or similar action shooting pursuits.

Skeet Shooting (Shotgun)

Our two skeet fields meet NSSA standards for registered skeet shoots. A round of skeet is 25 shots. Two “houses” that throw the skeets are positioned at either side of the fields. There are 8 pads in a semi-circle called stations that you shoot from.

  • Stations 1 and 2: High house single; Low house single; High house/Low house pair
  • Stations 3, 4, and 5: High house single; Low house single
  • Stations 6 and 7: High house single; Low house single; Low house/High house pair
  • Station 8: High house single; Low house single

Trap Shooting (Shotgun)

Our Trap field is set up for “Wobble Trap” and also 16 yard ATA style Trap. Participants stand at various spaces placed in a semi-circle all 16 yards from the trap. When shooting “wobble”, the wabble trap ensures that no two presentations of the target are the same.

Shotgun Patterning Range

Shotgun patterning is done to determine how your shotgun pellets are distributed when fired. It involves shooting at a target and examining the spread of shot pellets to understand the gun’s performance. Typically, you will set the target up at either 20, 30, or 40 yards depending on how you will use the shotgun.